As old man winter is on his death bed with occasional AED bursts of life, I found the weather tolerable to be in the garage to do some work.

Near the end of last fall, I bought most (read one 4×8 sheet of particle board short) of the materials to build the electronics bench I designed. These materials have been sitting in the garage all winter (which came on in a hurry).

I thought I would share my progress from today.

Lower Shelf This is the lower shelf of the frame section.
Counter Support This is the upper shelf of the frame section that supports the counter top.
Frame Completed As you can see here the frame has been completed, the counter top is resting on frame, and is weighed down. I am doing this to get the wood to relax a bit, as Menards (local hardware chain) lumber typically has a decent amount of warp to it.

I changed a few measurements from my original Google Sketchup design, so once I get them updated to reflect the changes I will post pictures of the design. There is also an upper shelf for test gear, wire spool rack, etc. that will be made after a few days as well (ran out of screws).

Feels good to be working towards a dedicated electronics space!